Tuesday, June 13, 2006

The Boys Are Back!

President Bush: Hey Turd Blossom, just heard the good news! How about a no indictment high-five buddy?!

Karl Rove: Thanks Mr. President. Nice of you to come in sir, I know you must be tired after those six hours in Baghdad.

President Bush: Boy howdy you got that right. Long flight for a photo op. But hey, at least I’m not still in the National Guard, you know what I’m saying?!

Karl Rove: Ha ha, good one sir. I think things are really starting to turn around for us sir. Killing al-Zarqawi is sure to distract from the daily deaths, the billions we’re throwing away there each month and the fact Bin-Laden is still free.

President Bush: Super idea to fly over there Karlster! I bet them troops really got a lift from me shaking their hands and stuff. Some of ‘em were so excited they wanted me to go with them on a patrol to the airport to search for I.E.D.s but they knew I had to skee-daddle. That al-Maliki guy sure was surprised to see me, I caught him playing Windows solitaire when I came into his office. I think he’ll be a great Iraqi President though, cause that’s how I spend most of my time in the Oval Office.

Karl Rove: He’s the Prime Minister sir. I’m sure his popularity will just soar once the Iraqi people see him in all those photos with you.

President Bush: Well, I do what I can. A lot of Presidents would have just been satisfied with spreading liberty and rebuilding schools, but I like to go that extra mile...as long as my visit isn’t announced until Air Force One is heading back to D.C.

Karl Rove: I told you sir, we just have to be patient. Those N.S.C. records of Fitzgerald’s personal calls sure paid off in getting this indictment off my back. The Vice President is doing a good job getting his friends in the oil companies to get the gas prices down before the midterms and not shooting anyone else in the face. Baring any Hurricanes during your vacation, we could find ourselves as in the high 30’s in polling before we know it.

President Bush: I think it’s good we’ve lowered the bar on my job performance so much, it makes any small glimmer of competence look that much more impressive.

Karl Rove: And we’ll back you up sir. We’ll keep flogging these silly gay marriage, immigration and flag burning issues until the conservative base monkeys start flinging their poop.

President Bush: I think we’re back Karl! Who knows, when I finally leave this White House I may even be considered, “almost adequate.”

Karl Rove: Dare to dream sir, dare to dream.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Welcome back, Doc. Gatemouth reported on Rove's indictment weeks ago in my blog, and I kept hoping that prediction would be borne out. Oh well, we can always dream...

6:36 AM  
Blogger fallenmonk said...

You got right to the heart of the issue Doc and ain't it a shame. Thanks for the good thoughts for Mom and the same for you and your Pop.
I'm still waiting for some of that 50 degree weather here. On my walk this morning it was already 90 and that was at 5 in the morning.

7:04 AM  
Blogger Isaac Carmichael said...

Ha ha! Lowering the bar...ain't that the truth?

9:32 AM  
Blogger Mister Teacher said...

As long as Cheney can keep his "Shooting-People-In-The-Face" rate down, he might be okay...

3:17 PM  

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