Thursday, February 09, 2006

Shakespeare's Lost Play: In the Court of George the W.

Literary scholars recently uncovered this previous unknown manuscript of a play by William Shakespeare. Titled “In the Court of George the W.” the play is set in a kingdom of the new world, hundreds of years in the future from Shakespeare’s time. That One Blog now proudly presents these excerpts from this important work....

Act II Scene II - Lord Cheney speaks to Grand Duke Rove in the House of White

Lord Cheney: Good Duke Rove, come hither, thou must speak to thee away from ears to which wagging tongues are attached.

Grand Duke Rove: My Lord, pray, how can I serve thee?

Lord Cheney: Now, as the towers of our great city still smolder, your assistance I need!

Grand Duke Rove: I am sure, Lord Cheney, like you, this tragedy will allow this great kingdom to come together at last and to join the world in defeating those forces which....

Lord Cheney: Rove....thy name has many meanings. Do not rove in your flowery comments, tis not the time for aimless talk! Instead be that rove which is twisted for spinning! As this tragedy may bring us together it can also be used to divide and conquer!

Grand Duke Rove: Alas, I am afraid Lord Cheney knows thy name and thy person too well. Indeed, thou sees a great opportunity in this happenstance! As the victims have suffered let us make our political enemies suffer!

Lord Cheney: Thou divinest my intentions most clearly Rove. Weakness is what brought us here today. But no longer, power again will be ours, unchecked and unquestioned.

Grand Duke Rove: We will make it seem that to question George the W., will be to question loyalty to this land. But what of the leader? What say he?

Lord Cheney: Of what concern is that to us? George the W. will do as I say! Through feigned obsequiousness do I control him. Concern yourself not with what he says, come to me for future instruction.

Grand Duke Rove: Good Lord Cheney, I am your servant. I will go off and cloud the scribes and whisper falsehoods against our enemies. Dirty deeds done in troubled times are rarely questioned...but hark my Lord, George the W. approaches!

George the W.: Lord Cheney, Grand Duke Rove, I have returned and heard the news! We must do something!

Lord Cheney: Yes good Sire, I fear our enemies laugh at us, do you not agree Grand Duke Rove?

Grand Duke Rove: (Sigh) I am afraid Lord Cheney speaks the truth Sire. Enemies both foreign and domestic see us as weak and cowardly!

George the W.: Tis not true! As you often tell me Lord Cheney, I am a great leader, quick of mind but misunderestimated by all!

Lord Cheney: Yes my liege, but thine enemies here at home will not hesitate to lay all blame of this tragedy at thy feet. But I’m sure you know this already and have planned accordingly!

George the W.: Rrrrright.....I have.......what did I decide to do again?

Lord Cheney: Why, start a preemptive war against the Sultan of Hussein! What better way to show our strength and strike fear in the heart of thy foreign enemies!

Grand Duke Rove: And here in our kingdom we will use this tragedy to grant you any and all power, to oppose this request would show your political enemies to be in league with the evildoers!

George the W.: Ahhh.....right, that is right, I remember now. I will never again allow us to be attacked, make haste for God has delivered me for this purpose, only I can save this fair country!

George the W. exits

Grand Duke Rove: Alas Lord Cheney, tis like stealing toffee from babes!

Lord Cheney: But we are blessed dear Rove, to have the crown sit upon that head. A head free of will and contemplation, so easily turned to our dark purposes. Though he rules by title, it is we who will truly hold the power. I must go and attend him again, now go do what needs to be done dear friend, a kingdom is ours for the taking!

Act III Scene I - The Soliloquy of George the W.

George the W.: Heavy lays the burden upon the brow of most men who lead,
But not upon thee. Thy gut guides me most assuredly to my decisions.
Once made, ne’re a thought do I waste on them again.
Like the surface of a troubled sea, I do not reflect.
I am a tool. A tool of thy Higher Father, to help Him reclaim the world He made.
Yet thy lower father dispatches to me pleadings to not fall sway under Lord Cheney,
To ignore General Rumsfeld and his cons of Neo! To listen to others.
But I cannot allow that sire to influence this Sire! My birth do I owe to him but not thy life!
I am right, I am right, I am right! The mead I no longer drink, the divine purpose is mine!
And yet, as I lay in the blue shadow of night, do I not feel doubt?
Do not the spirits of those countless numbers lost under the cannon and gun call to me?
Per chance does cutting the taxes upon nobleman in this time of war vex me?
Must I always use fear to grasp and hold to this office and this power?
These thoughts ring of contemplation, and contemplation leads to weakness.
So up I turn the volume of thy ESPN, let it drown out doubt, let it drown out thought.
I am the King God has chosen, that is the only truth I need know!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Bravo, Doc! The Bard of Georgetown still liveth!

9:54 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

zardoz says:

in this type of theater

at the end of the play

do you throw flowers

or tomatoes...?

=== zardoz ===

1:35 AM  
Blogger Flubberwinkle said...

"O coward conscience, how dost thou afflict me!"
-From King Richard III

Well doneth Dr.Max!

p.s. So long have I read your comments over at Sir Snake's blog, that I take the liberty to visit yours and comment. I came at a great post too!

1:38 PM  
Blogger DrMax said...

Welcome flubberwinkle and thanks for taking the time to comment. I always read them and appreciate the input, even I don't always reply.

4:05 PM  
Blogger Grace Nearing said...

A classic is born! Kenneth Branagh will soon contact you about doing a modern-dress version featuring Ashton Kutcher as Bush the W plus a bunch of grossly underpaid British actors who actually have stage training in Shakespeare.

2:55 PM  
Blogger Isaac Carmichael said...

As always, good stuff!

7:54 PM  
Blogger fallenmonk said...

A new height Doc. This very good stuff. glad I managed to find the time to check in.

8:27 PM  
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