Saturday, November 19, 2005

Invitation To The Dance

Hey folks. Dr. Max here. How are you all doing? Great! Before you ask, I don’t know how many hours are needed to thaw a 20 pound turkey, I actually prefer a straight-from-the-can cranberry tower over fresh cranberries, and to me, it ain’t Thanksgiving unless you have some lefse on the table.

Well as most of you have probably gathered from the paltry amount of recent posts on this blog, our new addition is keeping the Doctor fairly busy. She has adjusted quite well to her new life, but 18-month-olds tend to think gravity is an urban myth. Her mom and I trade off being her spotter when she decides to see how much height she can get off a couch cushion.

She is also a chatterbox. We get long dialogs each day and are forced to agree with her since our chinese is less than fluent. Actually she is from Hubei province, which I’ve subsequently learned has a wide variety of dialects. Several Mandarin Chinese speaking friends have chatted with her and told us they had no idea what she was saying either, so we don’t feel so bad. English words are coming out more frequently, it won’t be long before she can tell dad that his cooking stinks.

Our son has also done well with all the change, but there is certainly a different dynamic with two kids over one. As I am getting one dressed the other will take it as their cue to create a mess of category 5 hurricane status in another room. Dinners have also become more interesting. Several nights ago we experienced what historians will refer to as the Great Spaghetti Noodle War of ‘05. There was no food fight per se, but when the meal was over our kitchen floor resembled the train yard scene in Gone With the Wind; with spaghetti, meatballs and sauce taking the place of the wounded confederate soldiers.

Our daughter loves to wiggle her hips and clap her hands whenever she hears music. She will also ask her dad to join her in an improvised polonaise in the living room. Watching the Doctor dance is not very pretty, but she is kind and doesn’t laugh at me too much. And as we gambol our way through the house I find that as much as I would enjoy doing a blog post about the President’s new favorite word “irresponsible”, I am content to just keep on dancing. I know there is much that is wrong in this world, but being around the innocence of a toddler tends to give one hope about life. So please be patient, politics, the war and the president will have to wait for a bit. I’ve got a little girl who needs to learn how to do the Hustle.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Well if it comes down to a choice of writing about Bush ("irresponsible") or Cheney ("reprehensible") or dancing with that sweet young thing, how can you be doing anything than what you're doing--unless, of course, what you're doing happens to be blogging? Have I made myself clear? Good, now I'm going to restate this in the Hubei dialectic to make sure there's absolutely no confusion.

11:26 AM  
Blogger Sylvana said...

Glad to hear that all is going well on the homefront! She sounds lovely. And these days we could all use a little diversion from the insanity that is the White House.

8:10 PM  
Blogger fallenmonk said...

Much better use of your time I would say. When are we going to see pictures? Of her, not you dancing, please.

5:49 AM  
Blogger MacHeadCase said...

DrMax, looks like your daughter is silently screaming to you to get her an iPod... ;^)

10:02 AM  

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