Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Supreme Court Decision Leaves Status of Devil Worship Monument in Doubt

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The recent ruling by the U.S. Supreme Court allowing the display of religious exhibits on state grounds if the original purpose was not to promote religion, has left in doubt the status of the Devil Worship Monument in front of the Greensdale County Courthouse.

Greensdale City Clerk, Barry Lingman, said the Devil Worship Monument was erected in error on government property in 1965. “Well, Mrs. Daulsberg was the office secretary back in ‘65.” said Lingman. “She was the sweetest old lady but sometimes she got a bit confused. There was a film going around the drive-in theater circuit back then called The Devil Worshiper, I think Chad Everett or one of those guys was in it. Anyway, the promoter called to get permission to erect this Devil Worship Monument out in front of the ticket booth at the Starlight Drive-In, you know, to promote the movie. Now as it happens, we were also putting up a Historic Marker right in front of the Courthouse that same week. Again, Mrs. Daulsberg was just the salt of the earth, but she got the construction permits all screwed up and we ended up with that Devil Worship thing on our front lawn! Which, of course, we would have removed right away if not for Master Mephisto!”

Master Mephisto, self proclaimed Warlock Supreme in the Coven of Greensdale has filed multiple lawsuits in state court to prevent removal of the Devil Worship Monument. “The Dark One is my lord and I gladly serve him,” said Mephisto. “This is my religion and I must have the freedom to protect those symbols which celebrate it! My coven, which consists of me and my son Hank, will file as many lawsuits as it takes to keep this tribute to the grand tradition of satanism in our country standing. We take our religion as seriously as our septic tank repair business!”

Lingman said, “I tell ya, we are in a pickle. We’re not sure if the Supreme Court said it's OK to tear that stupid thing down or if we are now required by law to leave it up. We can’t really make head or tales of the ruling. We just wish Mephisto, and by the way his real name is Leonard Milton, we just wish Leonard would drop his lawsuits and let us do what’s right. Man, I’d trade places in a second with any of those cities having fights over a measly Ten Commandments Monument!”



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Hello Dr. M. This isn't really a "comment," per se, as I'm not really commenting on anything. It's more of a note, I guess you could say. The thing is I had no idea you were back in town. Yes, there have been weird things going on with my blog, but I'm hopeful they will be solved eventually. (I'm not sure what that hope is based on, but so far as hope goes, it is what it is. By the way, I think my blog is "better" now than it was earlier this morning, whatever that means...)

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Oh now I see that maybe you're not back after all. I got so excited, I forgot to read the fine print.

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