Thursday, October 20, 2005

Perry Mason Wraps Up the Case

Yet another gem from Dr. Max's archive, 6/12/05, restored to near mint condition for your re-entertainment

Paul Drake: Well I was there, I saw him confess on the stand Perry, but I’ll never understand how you knew that Barker was was the one that murdered Townlenson!

Perry Mason: It was quite simple Paul, once I heard Barker tell Hamilton Burger that he had left the Torch Lounge at 2:00 AM and not 2:45 AM as he reported to the Lt. Tragg, I knew that meant he had enough time to travel up to Mulholland Drive and retrieve the gun from his ex-girlfriend Dina Kraugstaff’s house, shoot Professor Townlenson at the lab and then return back to his apartment before the phone call from police to inform him of the the professor’s death, which he had said woke him up.

Della Street: I see, then his fight with Neederman was just a ruse!

Perry Mason: Right Della, he had been blackmailing Neederman’s secretary to give him an alibi in case Weirnheimer and Kenderbine every found out about his affair with Gotterdale’s wife.

Paul Drake: Then Barker knew that Gotterdale, Stevens and Thorsen were checking into the firm’s finances and would have suspected that he embezzled some funds.

Perry Mason: Precisely Paul, if Barker had known that Levinson had told Andrews about where Kraugstaff kept his gun he surely would have had doubts about the deed to the silver mine.

Della Street: Which means Haverlake couldn’t have been at the museum when the security guard said he was!

Perry Mason: Right, and that meant Barker was lying about the bonds and his tax returns from 1959. So Townlenson had to go.

Paul Drake: It’s so obvious, and I just couldn’t see it. I guess you need a new investigator Perry!

Perry Mason: Paul, don’t be ridiculous! I couldn’t fire you, not when you’re going to buy us all dinner.

Della Street: Ha ha ha ha ha ha.

Paul Drake: Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha.

Perry Mason: Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha.



Blogger Grace Nearing said...

Hey, I remember that episode!

What's rather charming now about all those "Perry Mason" plots is that they pretty much involved adulterous affairs and no sum higher than $10,000. Nobody was ever murdered by a psychopathic serial killer. Nobody was ever murdered for political, religious, or racial reasons. And nobody under the age of 25 was ever murdered.

So for all the slaughter on "Perry Mason," it was a pretty neat and tidy world.

9:22 PM  

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