Friday, October 07, 2005

The Fountainhead Diaries - The Journal of Howard Roark

Set your Wayback Machine for 4/24/05 and enjoy this previous post while Dr. Max is away.

July 1st - Awoke early today. I did so on my own terms. I do not follow the sleep/wake patterns of the masses. Drove into the office with the usual horn honks and police chases, no traffic lights will make me submit to the will of the common man. My secretary was busy preparing a new proposal and didn’t have my usual coffee and doughnut on the desk. My secretary determines if she has time to get me a doughnut, she is an individual and as such her decision involves neither expectation or regret on my part. Still, I was kinda hungry for a doughnut.

July 5th - Opened the paper today to another rant against me by architectural critic, Ellsworth Toohey. He said buildings like mine are an affront to the agreed tastes of society. Mr. Toohey thinks these attacks will make me give in to the pressure to please the public. My work is my work, for people to take or leave as they so please. I don’t give a thought to the opinion of Mr. Toohey. The little prick.

July 8th - Met with Gail Wynand, editor of the New York Banner. Wants me to build a summer house for him and his wife, Dominique. Wynand said of all the architects whose works he reviewed, only mine possessed any true genius. I said I knew that he would say that, but his praise was not needed as my work was it’s own reward. He said he knew that I was going to say, that I knew what he was going say, because only a true individual would and what’s more he thought so too. I said I knew that he would say, that he knew that I would say, that he knew....and stopped. Several minutes of silence passed with both of us trying to remember what the hell we were talking about. I slowly backed away to the door and let myself out.

July 10th - Busy day. 10:00 meeting at the Farnworth Towers site. Then had to run across town for an 11:10 blowing up of my Weebly Field Building (the contractor had altered my specifications and used #10 1.5 inch coated screws instead of the uncoated ones). Barely had time to pick up the dynamite in between!!

July 12th - Another one of my buildings has fallen down. Officials want to blame me for trying to support a 60 story tower on a series of bamboo poles cable tied together. Bah, my vision called for bamboo poles and that is what I, as a creator, built. In the end a man, as evidence of his existence on this earth, has only the creations of his own mind. And if these creations are to have any lasting meaning they must never submit to any whim of society or law of gravity!



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Somehow, this confuses my view as art being an intellectual endeavor.
Enjoy your time off!!

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