Monday, October 10, 2005

The First Two Rules of Fight Club

Enjoy this blast from the past, 05/04/05, as Dr. Max selfishly takes time off

Tyler: OK, these are the rules of Fight Club. First rule, you do not talk about Fight Club. Second rule, you DO NOT talk about Fight Club. Third rule, if someone says “stop” or goes limp...

Manny: Ahhhh Tyler?

Tyler: What is it Manny?

Manny: I think I might have talked about Fight Club.

Tyler: MANNY, you're kidding me right?

Manny: No, it was my Aunt. I visit her on Tuesdays at the home. God, she goes on and on about her back or her blood pressure and usually I just nod and don’t pay attention. Well, last Tuesday, I notice that suddenly she had stopped talking and was looking at me like she had just asked me a question! I guess I kind of panicked, and I told her all about Fight Club.

Tyler: JESUS CHRIST MANNY!!! You can’t be that stupid, I can not believe...

Stuart: Say, Tyler? Since Manny confessed, I better come clean too. I told my wife about Fight Club. She thought than when I snuck out to come here I was seeing another woman. Trust me, I don’t need THAT kinda grief, so I told her everything.

Tyler: Did you guys not listen to the THE FIRST TWO RULES OF FIGHT CLUB?!

Phil: Hey Tyler, me too, sorry. Told my doctor about Fight Club, was getting the ol’ prostate checked and it kind of slipped out....

Tyler: THAT’S IT! All of you OUT of here, I...

Mrs. Finkelstein: Manny! Manny Finkelstein are you down there?

Manny: Oh no, it’s my Ma! My Aunt must have told her!

Mrs. Finkelstein: Manny, for goodness sake! Get your shirt and shoes back on, and come with me right this minute!

Manny: Awww Maaaa.

Mrs. Finkelstein: THIS MINUTE YOUNG MAN! Tyler Durden, well it figures! You put my Manny up to this didn’t you? I bet your mother will be VERY interested when I tell her about this little club of yours!

Tyler: Nice going Manny, way to ruin Fight Club!



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