Saturday, September 24, 2005

Happy Fall, From Dr. Max

Hey everyone, how are you doing? Dr. Max here. Just wanted to drop by the ol’ blog to say hi. So, hi. It has been a while since we chatted. What’s new? Really? Is that so? Well I NEVER!

Some of you may have noticed the Doctor has slacked off a bit from his daily entries. I wish I had a good excuse, but I’ve just been taking a break from the computer. I was starting to dream about posts and jpgs and there has been some activity in real world that needed attention. I must say it has been nice to go a whole day without surfing, to not even turn the computer on. I forgot that sometimes it’s just pleasant to read and think and contemplate. I have not given up, but I do want to rest the my noodle for a bit. I will also have a task next month that is probably going to keep me away from the blog for several weeks, so you may have to look at some reruns for a bit. I will explain all in due time, so I hope you’ll be understanding.

Boy, my Packers suck this year. If I hadn’t mentioned it before, I am a lifelong fan of the historic Green and Gold. Yes, one of THOSE. A cheese hat wearing, Lombardi worshiping, Favre shrine building, Lambeau Field parking lot kissing, Packer fan. Actually watching their ineptness this year (NFL Sunday Ticket) has a great sense of nostalgia for me. I grew up with the 70’s Packers, the teams that came after the 60’s legends. The 70’s Packers also sucked, to such an extent that light often could not escape Green Bay. So I’m used to bad football. Sometimes you are stuck with teams who come out on the field and seem to do everything they can to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory. Perhaps they will turn things around, but if not it’s OK....I’ve got beer.

Have been watching some of the new fall shows. Nothing has bowled me over yet. Alien invasion and forensic dramas seem particularly popular this year. Have watched Threshold and Invasion but have not seen Surface yet. Not sure what’s up with all these alien shows, perhaps they expected War of the Worlds to have done better box office. After having been burned by the X-Files, with it’s black oil, the grays, the corn, the bees and Muldar’s sister; all turning into a confusing mess by the last season (I doubt even it’s creator Chris Carter understood all the show's mythology), I am reluctant to follow the these new alien white rabbits down the hole. Threshold seems creepy, but I don’t know if I want to put in the effort. Bones seems to be Fox’s entry into the gross out forensic field not covered by the 18 existing CSI shows. I was with this show until they gathered around a 3-D hologram computer that recreates what a victim looked like from their skeleton. I’m sure it is an attempt to do the “what happened” sequences in a different way, but it is just so cringingly unrealistic. I keep expecting to see them display the route the Luke should use to destroy the Death Star.

Man, what is left to say to the poor citizens of the gulf coast? Hey God, enough already, give them a break!! Once again our thoughts go out to everyone down south in the path of Rita. Keep donating folks, we have more people that need help now. Let’s get this hurricane season over with and let these states dry out and rebuild!

Well enough out of me. As always, thanks for stopping by. Dr Max and That One Blog appreciate your patronage. I have to go to the store now, the Packers play Sunday and I only have 2 six packs of amber ale in the house! If they play like last week, that’s not enough to get me to halftime.



Blogger fallenmonk said...

Hey Doc is the time stamp on this post accurate and you are going out for beer at 3 o'clock in the morning. Do you know what kind of people you meet at the 7-11 this time of day? People like me! At least I have excuse for cruising the net at this time of day as it is only 830 in the evening here. You're scaring me man!

4:34 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

You definitely don't want to go to my 7-11 (about which I've written much though never, as of yet, sat down on the sidewalk in front--tempting as it may be) at 3 a.m. By then, the scene is pretty well played out. But at 2 a.m., things are really hopping.

4:57 AM  
Blogger DrMax said...

Look again Fallenmonk, that was 2:45 am, not 3:00 am! Sheesh, I was home and had polished off three by 3:00 am, you made it sound like I'm a lush or something.

2:37 PM  
Blogger MacHeadCase said...

Ah I see you and I are going through the exact opposite. I was raised on the Montreal Canadiens excellent hockey team in the 60s and 70s and they weren't bad in the 80s but wow lately do they ever suck big time. We haven't won a Stanley Cup (the equivalent of your Super Bowl) since 1993! We used to get that in rows of 5 years before!

And about the X-Files... I know what you mean. I used to worship Buffy the Vampire Slayer and its creator, Joss Whedon. Never had I watched a show where the writing, directing and acting was as good as this. But on the total of seven seasons the show ran, the last two were extremely painful to watch IMO. Looked like Whedon wasn't interested anymore in his show or had too many projects going at that same time. 98% of the episodes in those two years felt patched up at the last second, improv on the writing staff's part. Etc. And it left me with such a bad taste in my mouth that I can't even watch reruns of the years where the show simply blew off the planet all the other shows on TV with its outstanding excellence. Those last two years were that bad...

Anyway. Don't forget the new blog, MHC-in-the-box. In case you had forgotten. I replied to your question in a previous comment of yours but I'm adding the link here in case you don't read that other comment.

3:54 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I don't watch TV but Steve Carrell on The Office is hilarious. He's the whole show but, in my opinion, funny enough to carry it. The show is just 30 minutes, which is long enough, given the lack of substance...

6:32 PM  
Blogger Sylvana said...

I really like Arrested Development, Malcolm in the Middle, Monk, The Family Guy, Scrubs- come on SCRUBS! and of course The Simpson's! CSI and all the knock offs suck. Those alien shows suck. But, the new show My Name Is Earl seems promising.

3:41 PM  
Blogger Isaac Carmichael said...

I feel your pain regarding the Packers. I knew it was going to be a bad year, but inside I still had a kernel of hope...which is pretty much withered away by now. Even my lucky jersey seems powerless to put an end to the ineptitude. Luckily, Wisconsin's economy won't suffer too much; any drop in sales of Packer merchandise will be more than made up for with beer sales.

I agree with Sy about My Name Is Earl, that's a very promising show. The Office is ok, but it'd be much better if the humor were a bit more subtle...half the time I'm expecting a drumroll. I hear the British version is much better.
Oh, and the Packers play on Monday this you'll get to experience bad football and John Madden. I suggest you have at least one of those six-packs polished off by kickoff. With any luck, you'll be passed out by half time.

8:38 AM  
Blogger DrMax said...

SSB, the weeping you hear from the Pacific Northwest is me. At least I can console myself that the Vikings suck just as much.

1:19 PM  
Blogger DrMax said...

Oh and Syl, ditto on Scrubs, best comedy on TV right now. Joey is so bad I had to take it off Season Pass on the TiVo

1:21 PM  

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