Wednesday, July 13, 2005

You Can Take My Rove, When You Pry Him From My Cold Dead Fingers!

Speaking at a NRA (National Rove Association) Convention, President Bush today declared his whole hearted support for his Deputy Chief of Staff, Karl Rove. Holding his senior advisor aloft with one hand Bush declared, “It is the Constitutional right of all Presidents to bear the political hacks they need to defend themselves and their policies, so hear me now, you can take my Rove when you pry him from my cold, dead fingers!”

The President has always insisted that he has an executive right to carry status for Rove. Rove has been the subject of controversy after it was revealed he may have been the White House source who revealed the identity of Valerie Plame, a covert CIA operative who is married to Ambassador Joe WIlson. It is suspected Rove revealed Plame’s identity to several reporters in an effort to smear Wilson, who had accused the President of using discredited weapons of mass destruction claims in his State of the Union speech. It is generally believed by most D.C. insiders that Rove is a dangerous weapon.

The President said that as far as the Plame affair is concerned, Rove was only doing his job. “Political Advisors don’t smear people, it’s the existence of other parties that create the need to smear people. If there was no Democratic Party we would not have had to run for reelection, and there would have been no need to discredit anyone. Let’s not blame a President's Constitutionally guaranteed right to own a political operative, let’s blame the political system of society as a whole which makes operatives necessary!”

President Bush’s speech opened the five day National Rove Association Convention. The convention allows right wing candidates and operatives a chance to meet and network. The convention also includes displays on the art of rigging electronic vote tallies, the most effective way to conduct a rumor campaign that questions your opponent’s sexual orientation and how to create your own Swift Boat Veterans for Truth group in five days.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

So where are the links to all the blogs covering this convention?????? Another great post!
OldRoses | Homepage | 07.14.05 - 12:13 am | #

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

I agree with OldRoses & love the title quote. Why doesn't W. say stuff like that when he's talking to me?
Snake | Homepage | 07.14.05 - 12:22 am | #

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Did you hear about him bugging his own office and then blaming it on his clients opponent or the time that he sent sensitive republican campaign info to a Democratic campaign official in order to frame the democrats? Or the time that he called voters asking them how they'd feel about John McCain if they knew that he had an illegitimite child? Oh! That wacky Rove!
sylvana | Homepage | 07.14.05 - 10:53 am | #

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