Wednesday, July 06, 2005

Village People Replace Indian Chief with Closeted Gay Republican

The disco band the Village People announced today that they are replacing the Indian Chief character, a staple in the group since it’s formation in 1977, with a new character called the Closeted Gay Republican.

Manny Reasoner, agent for the group said it was time for a change. “Look, we know a lot of the fans will miss the Indian Chief, but we felt we needed to update our lineup to reflect what the real stereotypes of gay life are today. We also wish to express to the Native American community that we still respect their heritage and history but we’ve seen how they feel about the depiction of Indians as mascots for sports teams, so we figured it was time to introduce a new Village Person.”

Reasoner said the choice of a Closeted Gay Republican was a no-brainer. “Good lord, you can’t walk into a gay bar anymore without seeing half of it filled with closeted Republicans. This new gay stereotype has really taken the community by storm. I think it’s a desire to bring back the gay life of the 50’s. I mean, while the witch hunts of the Eisenhower years bought disgrace and ruin if you were discovered, there was also a furtive thrill in pursuing the lifestyle and not getting caught. I think that’s why so many of these Republicans who are in fact gay, speak so loudly against gay marriage and pass laws to deny gays their rights, it makes being a homosexual more forbidden and therefore more exciting!”

Reasoner said initial reaction has been positive. “We did a test show at the Twin Tribes Indian Casino and Bingo Hall and it went over pretty well. We weren’t sure how the tribe would feel about the Village People being Indianless, but we didn’t hear too many complaints. We also had a good feedback on our new song, which the Closeted Gay Republican sings lead on, ‘I Hate Myself’. So, fingers crossed, we may even get some airplay again!”


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