Sunday, July 10, 2005

Thomas Kinkade's "Meth Lab in the Woods" a Poor Seller

A new series of paintings by Thomas Kinkade have met with uncharacteristically slow sales. The series called The Hovels is a departure for the artist whose previous light infused paintings of faith, nature, cottages and small town villages have made him America’s most collected living artist. The Hovels consists of three paintings, Meth Lab in the Woods, Crack House by the Viaduct and XXX Video Store with Attached Apartment near the Airport.

Tad Vanderhike, Director of the Kinkade Collectables Galleries which are franchised throughout the United States said he tried to talk the artist out of the new series. “I did my best, but Thomas said he wanted to deal with darker, edgier material,” said Vanderhike. “I think he felt he wasn’t being taken seriously enough as an artist. I said to him, I said, ‘Tommy, sweetheart, what’s wrong with a quaint bed and breakfast or a nice lighthouse at sunset, I can’t keep those prints in stock’ but he wouldn’t listen. Do you know how many of the Meth Lab prints I’ve sold? Eight....that’s right, eight in the entire country!”

Vanderhike was confident that Kinkade will return to his usual subjects soon. “He has to pay the rent,” said Vanerhike. “Look, the guy can make a picture of a Christmas Cottage and if you are looking at it you swear it’s really lit by the moon in the picture, he didn’t get the title ‘Painter of Light’ for nothing! And to be honest, he is so good he gets the same effect with that prostitute and the street light in the Crack House painting. It’s just that no one is going to pay a thousand bucks for a Publisher’s Proof so they can hang a well lit hooker on their living room wall!”


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Arrived here via Sylvana Finds. I'm never going to be able to walk past a Thomas Kincaid store at the mall without cracking up now. Love your humor. Torquemada not conservative enough! I love it!
OldRoses | Homepage | 07.11.05 - 11:33 pm | #

2:11 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey, you know though, someday these prints would be worth a lot of money because there would be so few of them. I've seen worse- Velvet Elvis, Crying Clown, Dogs Playing Poker. What's wrong with a crack whore in your livingroom? It's art damn it!!
sylvana | Homepage | 07.11.05 - 11:47 pm | #

2:12 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Jstar718 | Homepage | 07.13.05 - 7:17 pm | #

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey - I had that idea a few years ago after seeing the Kinkade interview on 60 Minutes. A run down East-Side San Jose tract house with tipped over garbage cans, a broken down car, etc. but with that "glowing light" in the broken windows...

Glad that you actually did it! Any way to see a larger image? Great Stuff

4:57 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

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Anonymous tk fan said...

pls visit my store for Kinkade's mouse pads! I will have this one on January.

12:24 AM  
Anonymous Rudy Rucker said...

Yes, a larger image, please!

Are you working on the other two? Want to see them, too.

8:51 AM  

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