Thursday, July 07, 2005

Nothing Funny Today

Yep, nothing laugh about this morning. Just more sadness in the aftermath of despicable terrorism. Probably not a good time to write, don’t want to regret what emotion might make me say, when hardly any facts are known yet.

Just want to express my sorrow to the people of London. America knows you will weather through, but we wish you didn’t have to.

And shame on whoever is responsible. Whatever you see as your justification is only an illusion, you are simply murderers. Your cause is meaningless if you use innocent blood to publicize it.

Let’s hope this is one of the last mornings we wake up to news like this


Anonymous Anonymous said...

You're right. We know how it feels, and God knows, thanks to the Administration, we are not safer.

We can only offer our sympathy and prayers for those in London.

To the people who did this, you are cowards, and don't think for an instant that Allah wants you to kill innocent people. You are a disgrace to your religion.
Judy | 07.07.05 - 1:35 pm | #

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