Wednesday, June 01, 2005

Star Wars Fan Tries To Convince Himself that Revenge of the Sith was Good

Alright! Finally, a good prequel movie....I think. No, it was, it was....sorta. Wait, I mean that Star Wars Episode III, Revenge of the Sith was really awesome! I’m almost pretty sure it was, at least.

First there’s the romance between Padme and Anakin. That was some romantic dialogue about love being blind wasn’t it? Well, I guess you could also say it was stilted and confusing too...I don’t know. I’ll slow it down when I get the DVD so I can piece together just what the hell they were talking about....but they seemed to be laughing so I’m sure it was slightly comic and romantic....or maybe I was chewing my popcorn too loud and didn’t hear it right.

Oh yeah! There’s this giant iguana thing that Obi-Wan rides on this planet called Utapau. And it is so cool. Still, it walks like a giant iguana so Obi-Wan must have been flying in all directions in the saddle....probably lost some fillings. I also kept thinking the damn lizard was going to turn around and eat him, but no, it was just his iguana horse y’know it’ was really a way.

And Revenge of the Sith sure comes through with a villan! Let’s just say Palpatine is not the “nice” guy he appears to be. Unless of course you guessed who he was within the first ten seconds of his appearance in Phantom Meanace. But it’s cool how he uses his sneaky ways to confuse Anakin as they attend Mr. Bubble: The Opera...which is a music thing with these bubbles that float around and some fishes and junk and....oh hell, I can’t explain it! Whatever it was suppose to be I’m sure the shot cost Lucas a pretty penny!

To see Anakin turn into Vader I’m telling you, that was really that happened. Still, didn’t that scene where Obi-Wan light sabers off Anakin’s legs and then just stands around while the hot lava splashes on him and he bursts into flames seem kind of.... what are the words I’m looking for....awkward and cruel? Wait, Anakin had already gone to the dark side by then and had sliced up the younglings so it served the dude right! But man, it was pretty cold of Obi-Wan just to walk away and leave him there...but hey, he’s a Jedi right? Sure, probably had to because of some Jedi code or something....I guess.

Anywho, the whole movie is GREAT! Not so much tragic as it is efficient. If you’re a Star Wars fan you just HAVE to see it on the big screen! Or wait for the DVD, your call. I really liked the movie...well, to be honest, Empire Strikes Back kicks Sith’s overburdened with special effects, machine scripted, ass - but still, of the three bad prequel movies it is the least bad! So don’t miss it!! Unless you’d rather see Monster-In-Law.


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