Sunday, June 26, 2005

Guests in My Garden

It’s always a treat for me to walk in my garden. Gardens are a way for us to keep a connection to nature. As I walk among my plants I see some tiny guests have joined me. I spot some small aphids feeding on my summer thyme. Amazing creatures. I watch as they climb from the base of the plant all the way to the tallest leaves. I spray them directly with diazinon, and watch as they fall, dead before they hit the ground.

As I walk by my hydrangeas I spot the beautiful Monarch butterfly. This delicate creature probably flew all the way from Mexico to grace my garden. I watch as it flutters from flower to flower, it’s orange and black wings catching the sunlight as it does. A quick fogging of the area with extra strength sumethrin and tetramethrin knocks the Monarch and several small sparrows out of the sky in mid-flight!

Feeling slightly dizzy after breathing in some of the fog I retreat to the bench in a shady arbor in the back. Here I see the lattice work of a fragile web, I also spot the spider that created it. I hear the sound of bees, delighting in my patch of lavender. An army of ants makes a line around my daylilies, which are particularly lush this year. When faced with so many types of insects, I find I have no choice but to turn to my canister of black market DDT. Covering the area thoroughly it takes only minutes before all signs of movement stop. The murder of these disgusting, dirty insects is worth the price one must pay in hair loss and bleeding from the eyes!

Yes, gardens are indeed a blessing to the soul. And if any more of these small “guests” show up, I plan on introducing them to my new pal, Mr .357 Magnum!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Damn immigrant Monarchs are a plague on this great nation of ours.
Debbie | Homepage | 06.27.05 - 3:29 pm | #

8:18 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Where's the Minutemen? Have they left their posts so soon? Well, I guess they had an appropriate name.
sylvana | Homepage | 06.28.05 - 4:23 pm | #

8:18 PM  

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