Thursday, June 30, 2005

First Message from Extraterrestrial Radio Signal Confirmed: "Turn Your Radio Down"

The SETI Institute announced today that they have received a confirmed radio signal from an extraterrestrial source. The signal, coming from an area near the Crab Nebula has also been translated, with the first message received reading: “Turn your radio down.”

Jill Tarter, Director for SETI Research said that the signal was confirmed through repeated observations. “Multiple radio telescopes around the globe have picked up the signal, so we know it’s real,” she said. “What was most surprising was the ease of translation, the carrier signal contained a simple conversion key so we understand, for the most part, what they are saying! Apparently it is some type of alien radio call-in show, we’re hearing the phrase ‘Long time listener, first time caller’ and 'Love your show' over and over again as we translate!”

Seth Shostak, Senior Astronomer for SETI said that he was glad to have been present at this history changing event. “We’ll all remember where we were and what we were doing when we received that first message,” said Shostak. “From what we are piecing together the signal apparently comes from a program called ‘The Quendar 63942 Show’ and we can’t confirm it, but we’re guessing the show is about a proposal to build a light rail line in a city called Daldaron. Some callers appear in favor of it, to reduce the plasma gases from hover pods and others oppose it due to what construction will cost taxpayers in Grodon Crystals.”

Tarter said they will continue to monitor and translate the signal. “The confirmation of intelligent life elsewhere in the Universe is a profound discovery,” she said. “We’ve even heard what we think is an ad for a for an exercise machine that promises a slimmer waist in three weeks with no dieting. It will be truly amazing what this advanced civilization can teach us!”


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