Thursday, June 02, 2005

Fall TV Preview

Summer may have just begun but the television networks already have their fall schedules set to go. What will be the hot new series of the 2005-2006 season? That One Blog takes a look at some of the new drama, comedy and reality series which will premiere in September:

Another Damn Procedural-Grand Forks (NBC) Emmy Award winning producer Jerry Bruckwolf, adds another series to his landmark Another Damn Procedural franchise, this time set in the North Dakota town of Grand Forks. Whether it’s a shoplifting at K-Mart or expired tags on a 83 Dodge pickup, Detective Bud Lundgren and Patrol Officers Wendy Thorsen and Vick Phillips are on the case! In the series premiere, Lundgren (played by Mandy Patinkin), Thorsen and Phillips (played by some actors you’ve never heard of) are involved in a high profile jay walking incident in East Grand Forks Minnesota! See tensions flare as a jurisdiction battle rages between Lundgren and his nemesis Minnesota State Patrol Sergeant, Greg Bellows (Alec Baldwin in a reoccurring role).

Ghost Whisperer (CBS) Jennifer Love Hewitt returns to television in this new series that is not Medium, but seems a lot like it. As Melinda Gordon, Hewitt discovers she has the psychic powers to speak to the dead, which is what Patricia Arquettte does in Medium, but this show is different because Hewitt is a brunette. As Gordon, Hewitt finds her powers effect her personal life and may be more of curse than a gift....oh hell, who are we kidding here, this is Medium with a different name, the Ghost

The Unexplained (ABC) In the middle of a freak storm in Florida lights appear in the sky and then seem to land. Twin girls, missing since 1972, return to their home in Oregon unchanged since the day they disappeared. Strange symbols appear in a corn field in Nebraska. What’s the cause of these mysteries and are they related? JJ Abrams producer of such hits as Lost and Alias introduces his new series starring William Devane as Skip Norcross, leader of a team of investigators who tackle unexplained phenomena. Follow Skip and his team each week as they fail to unravel the truth! You'll enjoy the frustrating false leads and wild character swings that has made Lost so popular! In the end, it will all remain...The Unexplained!

Do You Want Fries With That? (CBS) Stand-up comic Dale French stars as Wes Baily in this situation comedy about a dot com millionaire who has lost it all and is forced to work at a fast food hamburger joint he bought while riding high. Baily learns humility and regains his humanity as he interacts with the diverse and hilarious fellow employees caught in minimum wage hell. The show will be canceled after two episodes.

Make Your Own Reality (FOX) A reality show that pits three contestants against each other to come up with the best idea for a reality show. The winner gets a guaranteed 6 week run of their reality show, produced by FOX which is also producing the reality show where the winning reality show is created! Things get real as each contestant competes for the writers and directors they need to make the best reality show while they are being taped for a reality show! Its the reality show to end all reality shows....although none of this could actually happen in the real world.


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