Tuesday, June 07, 2005

Dr. Max Succumbs to the iPod People

It’s true, I’m one of THEM now. Proud owner of my first iPod. A sleek gray little iPod Mini and it’s all Dr. Max’s. Almost an entire music library on a little player a quarter of the size of a Walkman. Yeah baby!

Now, as a person who remembers the excitement of getting my own stereo with a built in 8-track tape player back in the 70’s, this iPod seems like a miracle. I remember listening to my Jim Croce 8-track cassette, the track switch came right in the middle of “Operator” (“Operator, can you help me place this call? you see....fade out...KA CHUNK!....fade in..the number on the matchbook is old and faded.”). Apparently it occurred to no one at the record company that this distracted from enjoyment of the song. Well, I can have Jim’s whole library now, from Bad Bad Leroy Brown to Lover’s Cross and not one KA CHUNK!!

I have used the iTunes software for a few years now so I had a good head start on music, which I was making CD’s from. I think the secret of the success of iTunes for Apple is that it tapped into the mixed tape gene. I had given up the habit myself after college until this software arrived. I can’t count the number of times I opened iTunes and promised myself that I would just look for a few songs and go to bed. Of course, there I was at 3:00 AM, clicking for that perfect song and looking like those lab rats that press on bars to release morphine to their brain stem.

I’m still learning how to use the nifty track wheel, I keep flying by the song I want because it is so neat to play with! Going to explore pod casts and maybe try a few audio books too! If anyone has a suggestion for a good tune, put it in the comment field! Isn’t this exciting? My first iPod!!

Oh.....well......jeez, OK maybe I’m the only one that’s excited.....but you didn’t have to swear at me like that.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I'll be ordering mine in a couple of years; I'm always at least 5 years behind the curve when it comes to new technology. In the meantime, it's up to you and the rest of consumerdom to work the bugs out so that people like me will eventually have a smooth road. Thanks in advance for your understanding.
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