Wednesday, June 29, 2005

Dr. Max at Studio 54

When looking through my scrapbooks I found this picture of the night I got into Studio 54. Now I’d love to tell you some story about boogying the night away with Maggie Trudeau, or doing lines of coke off Bianca Jagger’s stomach but I got in just one night on a fluke. I think Steve Rubell was looking at another guy behind me who was naked and painted silver when he motioned in my direction and the door guy said I should go in. It was kind of exciting, but I think they realized I was a rube when tried to order batter fried cheese curds. When I asked the DJ to play a slow number instead of all that disco (specifically, I think I asked for “Mandy” by Barry Manilow) I was thrown out by some very well built and oiled security guys. Man, the 70’s were something.....


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