Saturday, June 11, 2005

Critic Reviews Last Night's Dream

It was with much anticipation that I awaited the newest dream from my subconscious last night. However, upon waking, I find that the dream was both unoriginal and disappointing. It’s plotting was confused and it’s images seemed arbitrary. This was not a “dream” come true.

The dream started with me running naked into my old high school, late for a final exam. My unconcern about being disrobed stuck me as being implausible and the whole “late for the final” theme has been done to death in previous nightmares. When will the unthinking part of my brain start producing bolder themes which challenge my perceptions about the world and my place in it?

Then, almost as if on cue, my mother appeared. She was wearing a catcher's mask and a pirate hat. She told me not to eat the telephone. Excuse me subconscious, what point were you trying to make? If I wanted a plot that made this little sense I would have rented Eyes Wide Shut again. At least Nicole Kidman is naked in that movie and not me!

And then as if to put the last derivative cherry on this sundae of clichés I once again found myself being chased by an unseen monster while my legs seemed unable to move me forward. OK, thank you REM sleep, but I’ve been watching this same scene since I was 8 years old! Is it asking too much to find a more original script?

I’m afraid I give last nights dream only 1.5 stars. Lack of a coherent plot and banality of themes makes me wonder if my subconscious really has the talent for directing these nighttime productions or if it should just go back to regulating my breathing.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Mom in a pirate hat..... what would Freud say?

Dianne | Homepage | 06.11.05 - 3:23 pm | #

8:38 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

You know...I've been having the same problem.
Dreams not living up to their potential.
Jstar718 | Homepage | 06.11.05 - 7:21 pm | #

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