Sunday, May 22, 2005

Trust Me, I'll Get to the Pies

I love you Macintosh computer! I love you Wacom drawing tablet! I love you high speed DSL! Ahhh, it is good to be home again.

Had a good time visiting family in the Midwest. They were very generous, offering the Doctor much good food and beer. And they even let me sleep in the house! My brother-in-law is probably the only person in the world who has an HD big screen TV with no cable or satellite hookup. I do not pass judgment, he is happy that it offers the best DVD picture and that at least one of the local channels comes in clear on his antenna. The other channels have snow, but it is a lifelike, high resolution snow.

Flew United on our trip, left on the very day they learned the company was finking out on employee pensions. I expected them to be throwing our bags out of the plane on to the tarmac and telling us to find our own damn luggage, but all the United employees were very friendly and helpful.

Got to see the United in-flight safety video again, which is one of my favorites. I like the scene when the emergency oxygen masks fall down and all the passengers have looks of mild curiosity, “Would you look at that dear, the oxygen masks seem have fallen down, isn’t that interesting?” No blind panic, no hysterics, no stealing masks from the old people, just slightly bemused expressions as they strap on their only means of survival.

Gas was 50 cents a gallon less than it is here at home. Does Kansas get a red state discount?

If you are ever traveling highway 96 between Wichita and Hutchinson Kansas, stop at the Carriage Crossing restaurant in Yoder and order the Chocolate Cream Pie. I almost had a Twins Peak “Damn that’s good pie!” moment when I tasted it, but the Amish community members probably wouldn’t have appreciated the swearing. They may not be big on modern appliances, but they can sure bake the h-e-double-hockey-sticks out of a pie!


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