Wednesday, May 18, 2005

Parents Finally Break at 58th Viewing of The Incredibles

(Houston TX)Marvin and Leanne Weslow of Houston broke down after their 5 year old son Brandon requested the 58th viewing of the Pixar/Disney hit The Incredibles.

Weeping gently Marvin explained, "I..I just couldn't take it anymore. I mean I really liked the movie when it came out, we saw it 4 times at the the theater, but when the DVD came out, my lord, it has been on constantly. Brandon requested it every night, sometimes twice an evening. We tried to be strict but his Mom and I were pretty busy at work, so before we knew it we were approaching 40 viewings."

Leanne said, "I can't shut my eyes without seeing Edna or Syndrome. I can say entire scenes by memory. I am almost to the point where the shade of red that The Incredibles' suits are made of makes me nauseous."

Brandon still enjoys the film, "That part where that guy with the hair gets his cape in that thing and it blows up is so cool. I like when the Omnidroid blows up too, that's cool. The whole movie is really, really cool!"

Marvin and Leanne hope to regain custody of Brandon after their treatment at the Houston Mental Health Center. Brandon is currently staying with his grandparents, who have been forced to watch The Incredibles 6 times already.


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