Wednesday, May 11, 2005

A Little Spring Cleaning

Hi everybody, Dr. Max here. No fake new story today, just some odds and ends. Dr. Max needs to do some little light housekeeping around the blog today, honestly I’ve never seen such dust, you would think I was raised in a barn!

Adventure - Dr. Max needs to clean up because I will be doing some remote entries for the next week or so. This, of course, has disaster written all over it. If you could, please be patient as my old mind tries to figure out the http whatzits and protocol whozits involved with doing this from a different location. If you see a super short entry that doesn’t quite look right, or a day without an entry at all, be kind. And on the off chance you get no new entries for a week or so, you don’t need to stick around...I know you have a busy life and no time for such foolishness!

Links - The Doctor has been remiss in linking his links. Have had some kind people who have taken the time to comment on That One Blog. They therefore get priority seating at the Prescribed Links table. A shout out to fellow native Wisconsinite and Packer fan, Sylvana and her great blog Syllogism. Also props to Snake and his appropriately titled and witty Call Me Snake blog. Also check out Bored But Busy, another funny and very well written site. Go ahead, click away, they know how a REAL blog should be run!

Blogarama - It’s back! Convinced to fly back from New Mexico (where it was photographed with a blanket over it’s head) the site index Blogarama has returned to the Internet. Great news too! It looks like whatever crash they had made all their listed sites disappear! Well, probably not so great for them, but I just went from page 109 to page 1 on the Just for Laughs index. Whoo Baby, there is no stopping That One Blog now!

Scrubs - Funniest show on TV. FUNNIEST show on TV. I know, Arrested Development is good too and love the Simpsons, but Scrubs has been knocking it out of the sit-com park this year! If you haven’t seen it yet, please do yourself a favor and tune in, Tuesday nights on NBC. Their season has just ended, but catch them in reruns. It tells you something about NBC that they promote the lumbering Joey more than they do the better written and acted Scrubs. I give Scrubs the Dr. Max Tip O’ The Surgical Cap...which probably means certain cancellation...wait, I mean Joey, I like Joey!!!

There, whew! It sure feels better to have the site clean. I don’t know what that was growing by the Archives section but I needed two cans of Lysol and a stick to beat it back and kill it!


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