Tuesday, May 03, 2005

Formula for a Popular Web Site - 1% Inspiration 99% Naked People's Perspiration

Ah Blogarama, we hardly knew ye. I remember it like it was two days ago, since it WAS two days ago. In my e-mailbox was my acceptance letter from the blog directory Blogarama, they had just added me to their Just For Laughs ranking list. If people had a spare hour and a half to go through the entire list, there it was: That One Blog, page 109. What a thrill! Now, this little old site would become KNOWN. With tears in my eyes I added the Blogarama link button right next to the iTunes button. Suddenly, today, no button. After checking around, I suspect the problem may be that Blogarama.com is nowhere to be found. Is it a technical problem? A bankruptcy? Is there a guy on a tropical beach somewhere with a whole bunch of Blogarama swag, umbrella drinks and an impressive secret bank account?

What does the first paragraph have to do with sex? Um, not too much, now that you mention it....OH! Now I remember. When Blogarama was a thriving web directory (2 days ago) I looked at the section called Most Popular Sites. I thought maybe I could pick up hints on what the pulse of the Internet was. Was it lively discussions of bestsellers? In depth analysis of politics? Perhaps debates on how science effects all our lives. When I looked at the site list, these topics may very well have been discussed, but only between a substantial amount of photos featuring naked people. What I concluded was that this site might be more successful if I change it’s name from That One Blog to Those Two Boobs.

I think sex proves God has a sense of humor. It’s just not possible to look more goofy without your clothes on. The Big Guy has got to be up there, laughing and laughing. If it is so important to romance and species survival shouldn’t it be more like Ginger Rogers and Fred Astaire dancing to “The Continental?” The only time a gown and tux rental are involved with sex today is at your prom or your wedding. It should be mandatory each time you have sex, just to salvage a little dignity.

I guess on the web, like all media, sex sells. Of course I’m only guessing, Dr. Max never goes to these sex sites, he only browses those dealing with news, philosophy, fine music and...wait...what’s going on here?.......


\**Dr Max Browser Image Cache 4/29/05 Page 13.....


Blonde w/ fax machine-copier.jpg

Redhead w/ overhead projector.jpg

2 Blondes 1 Brunette w/ dry erase board.jpg

Brunette w/ A-39 thermal laminator.jpg....


...well, I , you see, what it was.....I mean somebody must have used my computer and....OH NEVER MIND!!!


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