Tuesday, May 24, 2005

Country Singers Defend Redneck Lifestyle to Rednecks

The defense of redneck lifestyles made in recent hit singles by country artists Alan Jackson and Gretchen Wilson may have been unnecessary as a majority of the artists’ audience are, in fact, rednecks.

In Alan Jackson’s song, It’s Alright to be a Redneck, he includes the lyrics:

It's alright to be a redneck
It's alright to ride around in a dirty old truck
Catch a bunch of fish and shoot a bunch of duck
It's alright to be a redneck

It's alright to be a redneck
It's alright to have a girl named Thelma-Lou
Who don't mind a little kiss when ya got a little chew
Party on the road by the light of the moon
Dancin' to a country tune.

Brad Dalesworth of Landsdale TN, a fan of Jackson’s said, “Well he has me pegged, the truck, fishin, kissing my gal Thelma-Lou with Copenhagen in my mouth, it’s like he was following me around or something. It was a nice song, but I already know this stuff, he didn’t have to convert me or anything.” Dalesworth said he recently saw Jackson live in concert, “I got kinda drunk and a little rowdy y’know? I guess I started for the stage and his security guys stepped in and tasered me right below the ear. Like I tell my friends, I had a real redneck after that!”

Another recent country hit, Redneck Woman by Gretchen Wilson, also consists of a list of rural stereotypes which she defends:

Victoria's Secret, well their stuff's real nice
But I can buy the same damn thing on a Wal-Mart shelf half price
And still look sexy, just as sexy as those models on TV
I don't need no designer tag to make my man want me
Well, you might think I'm trashy, a little too hardcore
But in my neck of the woods I'm just the girl next door
I'm a redneck woman
I ain't no high class broad
I'm just a product of my raising
I say, 'hey y'all' and 'yee-haw'
And I keep my Christmas lights on
On my front porch all year long
And I know all the words to every Tanya Tucker song
So here's to all my sisters out there keeping it country
Let me get a big 'hell yeah' from the redneck girls like me, hell yeah

Lee-Anne Farlow of Wheelsburg MS said, “I enjoy the song, as a kinda country gal power anthem, but Gretchen is really just preaching to the choir as far I'm concerned. I do shop at Wal-Mart and my candy cane lights and inflatable snowman are still up. It’s nice these country stars like to sing about our lives and all, but since they make millions doing it don’t you think they could send us all a couple thousand? You should see my electric bill after burning these damn Christmas lights for 365 straight days !”


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