Thursday, May 12, 2005

Come In Rangoon.....

Hello? Is this mic on? Heelllloooo? I don't think they can hear me. Come in Rangoon this is Dr. Max speaking from a remote location with dial up, (remember dial up?) can you hear me? What's that? It's called Yangon now? Well whoop de flippin doo...I'm trying to see if this blog is working and you're giving me a geography quiz. Let me press this button..wait, now everything is bold. I don't think that's correct, this looks funny all in bold, let me try this button. Well we're not bold anymore but this isn't right. Why does the type look like this now? Dang it! I tell you this is what you get for not doing enough research ahead of time and here we go again, I'm in italics now, great just great! OK folks we're still working on this, I'll try to get back to you soon OK? Thanks.


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