Sunday, May 08, 2005

Anarchist Conflicted About Hatred for Commercialism and Desire for iPod

(Portland OR) Wes Stevenson, 28, who resides under a bridge of Interstate 205 in Portland has has developed feelings of conflict between his desire for the popular iPod music player made by Apple Computer Inc. and his political belief in anarchism, which teaches opposition to the concentration of economic power by corporations.

“Y’know the white ones let you store, like, 5000 songs man,“ said Stevenson of the iPod he covets. “God, I could have Rage Against the Machine, Uit de Sloot and Crass’ entire library on one playlist with room left over for Slipknot! But I don’t want to be supporting any Apple a multinational?"

Stevenson, who believes there should be no government, only agreements between individuals, also thinks some of the iPod accessories would be cool to have. “One of those small speaker sets the iPods plug into would be so sweet, just for relaxing with some tunes and cold PBR! That is, if I wanted a product of souless corporate enslavement, which I don't!”

Stevenson said he traced his interest in the music player to a riot he attended in Seattle, “Well I was with my pal, Skeets, we were kicking in this window to a McDonalds and I notice these white ear phones he has on. We ran into an alley as the tear gas was going over and he shows me this iPod. Man, I was so jealous.” Stevenson said as much as he likes the music player he would not buy one at the present time, “I just wouldn’t feel right owning a symbol of an artificial institution, I don't need Apple turning me into their little consumer sock puppet. Also, my heroin habit chews up a lot of my funds.”


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