Sunday, April 17, 2005

The Wild Untamed Frontier of Cyberspace

With my o'l blog about three days old now, I consider myself to be in the frontier of cyberspace.

It's wild out here, untamed. Now I'm not sayin anything against all those high traffic, well established and popular city folk type sites, but out here in the wilderness you rely on your guile and grit. And you help out your fellow pioneers too. Why just this evening, the lady who established her porn site not two days back brought over a casserole. Thank ya kindly Madam Mischief, I'm much obliged.

Yup, out here, where bots have yet to tread, it's quiet. Narry a stirring in the comment fields. Of course it could be lots of folks have stopped by, but were unable to type anything due to the boredom induced comas.

But ain't that what makes the internet great? A fella takes a chance. Puts out small piece of his soul for the world to see. The world takes a look and if you're lucky they'll like what they see and set a spell. If not, you must humbly wave as they pass by in route to


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