Tuesday, April 19, 2005

Walking with a Ghost: A Brain Tick Song

There is a category of pop hits I call brain tick songs. I downloaded Tegan & Sara's Walking with a Ghost several months back, since it was the iTunes free song of the week. It was a brain tick, leaping from the speakers and attaching itself to my skull where it would play it's catchy chorus over and over and over for the next several weeks.

Whether shopping, showering or eating, the brain tick pumped Tegan & Sara's harmonies directly into my brainstem. A distraction at times when the song displaced important information, like which pedal the brake was and my name.

Most brain tick songs eventually fall away, having spent their load of novelty. Yet, there is that most dangerous of pests, the perpetual brain tick song. The mere mention of the title causes a new tick to form and the infernal melody to start anew, as if it were recent recording. Say, a song like Don't Worry Be Happy....crap! "Here's a little song I wrote," forgive me please, "You might want to sing it note for note," for the love of God make it stop, "Don't worry , be happy......"


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