Tuesday, April 19, 2005

Tim Hawkinson at the Whitney

Tim Hawkinson's works are strange and they teeter on the cusp between the real and the unreal and...ahhh, he is..ummm..at the Whitney, which is some sort of museum in New York and from what I gather not at all associated with Bobby Brown's wife.

O.K. look, I got this book, Blogging for the Beginner. It says that you should throw in titles like the one above or "Marsalis at Wolf Trap", it gives your blog a certain sophistication. According to the book, all you really need is the title, nobody actually reads the entries underneath! Well I hope the book is right because I'm going to look pretty stupid if any of you actually end up reading this.

But, hey, if any of you are New Yorkers and want to see extension cords tied up to look like shorts, head over to the Whitney. Tony Hawk's exhibit ends... I mean, Hawkinson, that's it, Tim Hawkinson's exhibit ends May 29th.


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