Tuesday, April 26, 2005

Some Lawmakers Express Regret about Reflecting Pool Drilling

(Washington D.C.) On the one year anniversary of it's passage, several federal lawmakers have expressed regret about their support of an act that opened the Washington D.C. Reflecting Pool to oil exploration .

Called the Reflective Pool Energy Initiative, the act opened the shallow body of water to deep well petroleum drilling. Senator Denton Chaplin (R-TX) said he was proud to vote for the initiative to help the country achieve energy independence, but that the smell has been a surprise. "I don't know, it's sorta like a sulfur, old tennis shoe type of deal," said Chaplin, "plus I do miss all those cherry blossom trees that died."

Representative Nelson Farthing (D-SD) said he also regrets his vote in favor of the drilling. "Well, I thought some of the pumps might look cool reflecting along side the Lincoln Memorial and the new World War II Memorial, but if anything they tend to be a distraction. Particularly during the well fires."

Tentacucorp Energy & Mineral, which won the right to the drilling (and is listed as a major contributor to both Chaplin and Farthing's reelection campaigns) said they next plan to develop an open-pit mine next to Jefferson Memorial.


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