Thursday, April 21, 2005

Let me be the First to Suggest the Nickname "Eggs"

It just seems to be a nice short name and a lot easier to remember than "Holy Father", "The Holy See" or "Vicar of Christ." Like, "Hey, Eggs, hurry up, it's time for Mass." You know, just for real close friends.

I'm happy Roman Catholics now have a new leader, Pope "Eggs" Benedict XVI (see, it works!) Perhaps the media can begin covering news happening to people of other faiths again. Now, don't get me wrong, a new Pope is historic and newsworthy, but with the death of Pope John Paul II we've had a month of Vatican coverage now and it's a little much for a Lutheran like me.

Now my guy, Martin Luther, REALLY had problems with the Catholic church. Marty got so mad at their pay-before-you-go indulgence plan that he nailed 95 feces to a church door. Boy, you really have to be angry at someone to collect that much feces, let alone try to nail it to...what's that? Theses? 95 theses? Ohhhhh.

Anyway, Pope Benedict XVI says he wants to do battle with moral relativism. Remember, this is a church that allowed Cardinal Law's Priest Relocation Program to exist for years, so I imagine they know something about moral relativism. Good luck with that by the way.

Well, you probably won't believe me now but to all the good Catholics I know (almost all of whom live their faith) a sincere congratulations! Happy New Pope to you all!


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