Saturday, April 16, 2005

Janet and Frank Shared an Almost Erotic Love of Bacon

Lately I have become fascinated by old 1940-1970 advertisement art. They present the American dream in beautiful, over saturated four-color. For some crystal clear scans of these ads check out and return to the days of big cars, well dressed homemakers and thirst inducing pictures of beer.



Blogger vbspurs said...

Oh! Ooh! I have a great site that you'll love, only I couldn't find it in my bookmarks just now.

I also have an almost childish fascination with advertising of years past, but mine goes even further than yours -- around the 1870's.

(Try reading "Inside the Victorian Home", to get a taste)

I've bookmarked your recommended link, and as soon as I find this site which has the most amazing 1950's colour ads, with attendant hilarious commentary by the site owner, I'll be back to post it here.


11:59 PM  
Blogger DrMax said...

Thank you Victoria. You are the offical first commentator to That One Blog. Dr. Max is still trying to figure out all his blog settings, didn't know I had comments limited to Blogger members only until today. Opened it up to everybody now. So have at me.

9:21 AM  

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