Friday, April 29, 2005

Ask Chef Max

Chef Max here, direct from the kitchens at That One Blog, let’s see what questions we have in the mailbag this week.

Chef Max, I’m a stay -at-home dad with two kids. Do you have any suggestions for a quick meal, that takes little preparation? We’re a family on the go and I hate spending all day at the stove just to make a lunch. Thanks in advance,

Harried in Hartford

I tell you what Harried, any stay at home parent can sympathize. Have you tried Kraft’s Easy Mac (TM)? All you do is place some prepackaged noodles in the microwave with a little water for 3.5 minutes. Add the powdered cheese, and voila, macaroni and cheese like mom used to make! Microwave up some hot dogs and you’ll have your meal problem solved quickly and two happy kids to boot! Thanks for the question.

Hi Chef Max, love your column!! My husband just completed his first year at a pristegious midtown law firm. To celebrate the anniversary, the custom at the firm is to throw a party for all the partners at your home. I’m a decent cook, but could really use some suggestions on what to serve for appetizers and the main course. Help!

Fretting in Ft. Worth

Hey Fretting, fret no more. An easy solution is to count how many guests you expect then go to a warehouse store and buy the BIG box of Easy Mac. Get a bulk size package of hot dogs too. Figure one pack of Easy Mac for each guest (or two if the guest is hefty) and one hot dog! Once the guests show up, fire up that microwave and you’ll have a meal the firm will be talking about for weeks!

Dear Chef Max, I am preparing to make Smoked Trout Rillettes when my husband’s folks come to visit in a few weeks. Do you have a particular brand of creme fraiche you’d suggest I use?

Confused on Creme Fraiche

Well, La Dee Da, Confused, aren’t you Ms. Snooty McFancypants. Creme Fraiche? I don’t even know what the heck you’re talking about. But hey, go ahead, make your precious Trout Nipples or whatever they are. Just don’t blame me if your in-laws are more than a little upset they got screwed out of their microwaved Easy Mac and hot dog!

Chef Max, are you a real chef? All you ever do is tell people to buy Easy Mac and hot dogs. Are you being paid off by Kraft? I have grave doubts that you have any culinary skills at all!

Troubled in Tacoma

You know what Troubled, why don’t you get off my back?! This is you: “Oh Chef Max, blah, blah, blah, whiney, whine!” I think your diaper needs changing you crybaby! And for your information smart-guy, NO cash has ever changed hands between me and Kraft Foods! Just pallets and pallets of rich, creamy, golden, mouth watering, microwavable Easy Mac macaroni and cheese...nummmmmy yummmmmy cheeeeeeese.


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